Схема трамваев штутгарт

схема трамваев штутгарт
Installation of new passenger information systems began in December 2004. These systems indicate the actual real-time status for the next three trains rather than just the scheduled departure time and route of the next train. Some old university towns are also nearby, e.g. Tübingen (30 km/20 miles south), Heidelberg (ca. 80km/50 miles northwest) or Freiburg (120 km/80 miles southwest). Sports[edit] Swim: Stuttgart is fond of its mineral springs. Free live music on Sundays from May — September. €3-10 for entrees, drinks start at €2. edit Sophies Brauhaus, Marienstraße 28 (U-Bahn Rotebuehlplatz, S-Bahn Stadtmitte), ☎ +49 (0)711/61 09 62 ( , fax: +49 (0)711/61 18 75), [2]. M-Th 11:30AM-1:30AM, F-Sa 11:30AM-2AM, Su 10AM-midnight. Исключено слово «улица». Слова «кинотеатр», «рынок», «торговый центр» не пишутся, когда есть название. «Завод имени Колющенко» здесь просто «Колющенко»: На схеме используются самые красивые обозначения конечных остановок в мировой истории транспортной инфографики.

Additional projects not in active planning at present: Airport – Plochingen connection: Due to a negative cost-benefit ratio (based on the need for a climbing tunnel), as well as regional network changes planned for Stuttgart 21, this project has been abandoned. Only two or three fast food shops are opened during night. The section from Vaihingen to Bad Cannstatt and Zuffenhausen has an optimal 10-minute headway during the day. Ещё 15 транспортных средств — exprected, который будет поставлен до 2010. Когда было решено создать вторую низкопольную сеть, выбор для большего количества K5000 был изменен на дополнительные низко-этажные транспортные средства. Радищева» — 2 коммерческих автобуса. № 65 «Ц. Рынок – 7 м/р Н. Ленино» — 2 коммерческих автобуса.

Extension to Murrhardt: Studies have identified the potential for an extension of the S-Bahn to Murrhardt. The discotheque N-Pir, which is in a very ugly building in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, has a very restrictive door policy! Many shops offer inside free water from a fountain. Be prepared for solid prices in bars, cafes, pubs, clubs and the like. But be carful when walkers come across. By car[edit] If you intend to drive by car inside Stuttgart, the only possibility to park are parking blocks at about 1,50 EUR per hour. From Sunday to Wednesday public transportation stops around 1 am in the morning. On the weekend the S-Bahn runs throughout the entire night hourly on all lines. So the inner city route from Hauptbahnhof to Schwabstraße is connected frequently. This tunnel, however, presents a bottleneck that limits train headways to two and a half minutes, meaning that trains on each individual line can only run at 15-minute headways.

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